BARNZ tourism strategy submission

BARNZ tourism strategy submission

Read our submission to the Government’s draft tourism strategy and tell us what you think. In it we argue that the strategy could do more to help New Zealand increase its share of the tourism market, especially as international travel continues to see massive growth worldwide.

The strategy should widen its scope to cover the complete tourist journey, including arrival and departure,  as well as the quality of attractions and supporting infrastructure needed to sustain growth in tourist numbers to NZ.

To succeed, the strategy should help:

  • make sure the complete tourist journey is a great one, including the airport hello and good-bye
  • grow international air connections to NZ, especially during off-peak seasons, and
  • keep the cost of getting to NZ within reach of international travellers.

The Government can do this – they directly influence border services and funding. The airline industry is keen for us to work together to make sure visitors have a great first impression of NZ and that new tourist levies make real improvements to regions and places visited by international travellers.

What do you think?