Get it before you go - NZeTA comes into effect today

Get it before you go - NZeTA comes into effect today

The Board of Airline Representatives New Zealand (BARNZ) says that from 1 October all travellers from ‘visa waiver’ countries, except Australian citizens and a few minor exemptions, will need to ensure they have a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) before they travel to New Zealand.

BARNZ and airlines have been working closely with Immigration New Zealand over the past months to make sure the NZeTA roll-out is successful.
Justin Tighe-Umbers, BARNZ Executive Director, says authorities have made real improvements to their plans in response to feedback from BARNZ and others, and that while disruption is inevitable at some stage, these changes should make its implementation as smooth as possible.

Passengers who need an NZeTA should apply for one before they travel. If they arrive at their departure airport without an NZeTA, there is a chance they will not be permitted to travel unless they are able to obtain an ETA by applying at the airport.

We encourage passengers to check with their airline or travel agent before they travel if they are unsure, or call the Immigration NZ contact centre (details at this link).

Airlines will need to apply for NZeTAs for their crew members that are operating flights to and from New Zealand. They should also make sure they are communicating with their passengers and travel agents as much as possible so their passengers have the necessary documentation before they travel.

BARNZ are aware of several fake NZeTA sites that have been set up. We warn passengers and airlines to only apply for NZeTAs through the official government process.

  • Passengers should apply at, or by using the NZeTA mobile app.
  • Airlines should upload their crew NZeTA requests through the portal they have been given.

For more information about the new NZeTA, please refer to this NZ Immigration site.