BARNZ welcomes Auckland Airport runway review

BARNZ welcomes Auckland Airport runway review

BARNZ is pleased that that Auckland Airport has completed the review of its recent runway closures as a matter of urgency.

“The two unplanned runway closures had a major impact on travellers and airlines. Over 60 flights and thousands of passengers were affected, causing diversions, delays and cost, so it’s important the airport is getting on top of this quickly” says BARNZ executive director Justin Tighe-Umbers. “While safety always takes precedence, the travelling public deserve the need for urgent runway closures to be kept to a minimum.”

Auckland Airport has announced that it has a preferred maintenance window in September 2020 to address pavement replacement on the runway. “Future runway pavement replacement works will have an impact on airline schedules and flights, so it is key the airport gets the timing right. I’m looking forward to working with the airport so we can understand the drivers for September 2020 works.” Mr Tighe-Umbers says.

The airport has also announced a number of learnings aimed at minimising how long it takes to complete urgent maintenance which airlines welcome.

Further background information
Combined impact of the January 24 and February 6 runway closures:
– 12 international flights were diverted to other airports to refuel
– 25 flights cancelled
– 30 flights delayed