NZ airline industry

New Zealand’s Airline industry

Our airline services industry is critical to growing New Zealand’s economy and society.

Airlines connect us to the world, bringing together families and friends, and enabling the free flow of innovation, ideas and information that only face to face meetings can achieve.

  • Support 11.2% of our GDP
  • Enable our $16 billion per annum international tourist economy
  • Deliver $23 billion of our cargo imports and exports
  • Support 329,000 jobs
  • 44 direct connections world-wide
Our airlines need favourable operating conditions to meet the growth of passengers and flights.
  • Reasonable and efficient airport charges
  • Fair and proportionate government taxes on travellers
  • Efficient airport and supporting infrastructure
  • Good quality services at airports for airlines andtravellers
  • Efficient and effective aircraft noise limits and noise mitigation packages